not-banksyLast year, the Daily Mail published photos and compelling evidence that Banksy’s real name is Robin Gunningham. Now the newspaper make an obnoxious attempt to substantiate their claim citing an ambiguous stencil they found on the street.

The artwork, created using a stencil, typical of the artist, shows one of Banksy’s trademark necklace-wearing rats holding a placard.

On the placard is a young man’s face, bearing a striking resemblance to the MoS photograph, unveiled last July, of a man believed to be Mr Gunningham, 35, a former pupil at the £9,240-a-year Bristol Cathedral School.

It is possible the graffiti art was created by someone else. But evidence compiled in a Mail on Sunday investigation suggests that Banksy is indeed Robin Gunningham – and that in his latest graffiti he has coyly acknowledged his unmasking.

To be clear, anyone could have painted the stencil and even if Banksy himself did, it wouldn’t confirm anything other than the artist reads the newspaper and has a sense of humor.