The only credit listed on these scary Lego print ads is the agency, DDB—no creatives’ names, no country of origin—so it’s questionable if they’re real. But Adland is an imaginary place anyway, full of small print, groomed food shots, and buttressed Volvos, so let’s proceed. “Kids shouldn’t watch too much tv” reads the headline on all three ads. I guess the Justin Timberlake dopplegänger teenager here spent his childhood watching one too many violent movies, and now he’s pounding Dad’s Chivas Regal and about to blow his head off with…a Lego gun? Lego makes working guns? Do the terrorists know this? If you’re a parent, does this ad make you want to fill your youngster’s room with interlocking building blocks, in the hope that they’re the key to raising a model child? The first fake campaign I ever did , first week in ad school ,was for Lego. So like a doting father,I feel overly protective of the brand. Jump for two more executions featuring drug use and a young woman’s cleavage both depicted with Lego blocks.

|Images: AdsOfTheWorld|