In your face face! I’ve cropped off the product shot/name from scary Miss Leatherface here (note the badly Photoshopped earrings). So, what the fuck do you think is being sold here by Seoul, Korea ad agency Cheil Worldwide?? Super-realistic human head masks? Anti-wrinkle face and neck cream? “Skinned Alive,” the new gruesome Wes Craven flick? Hearing aids? LSD? Jump for the answer that won’t make much sense to you, plus an even creepier 2nd ad in the campaign featuring a mashed mutant male mug.


The product is Samsung’s 360º wide angle CCTV security system. Eh, what? Honestly, I can’t think of one product this insane face-flattening visual trickery would work for. Except, maybe, an electric shaver? Wonder if that’s been done before? |Images: AdsOfTheWorld|