Let’s Pledge To Stop Photoshop Animal Abuse

08.03.09 Copyranter


Bees. Slugs. Blue Jays. Greyhounds. Leopards. Cheetahs. Sharks. Six legs, four legs, two legs, no legs. While the human race continues to kill off animal species like there’s no tomorrow, ad agencies continue to digitally abuse critters in questionable efforts to sell products—products that are of course, in real life, harmful to animals. Like Pledge! Here, an ant couple take a break from carrying 50 times their weight to do a little romantic furniture skating. Aww. First, associating bugs with a furniture cleaner isn’t very appealing—the scenario looks like a set-up for an attack by the animated Raid can. Second, I don’t think the ants would be skating for very long after huffing Pledge’s propane, butane, and solvents. |Image: AdsOfTheWorld|