293ronsonlohanartlc031609-2 Throughout the years there’s been countless parodies of Grant Wood’s renowned “American Gothic” portrait, but this one featuring Lindsay Lohan and her musically inclined lesbian lover Samantha Ronson offers a whole new take. The “American Sapphic” piece was created by LA-based artist Ben Tegel, who described the motivation behind it, telling EOnline that “Lindsay and Sam are the all-American couple for the 21st century.” He also admitted his slight obsession with the starlet, that appears to be motivated by her drug use and lesbian affairs: “She (along with Britney, I suppose) embodied the fin-de-siecle celebrity archetype. Her child-star-turned-drug-addict-turned-lesbian narrative seems to sum up the way fame operates in the 21st Century. I’m really interested to see what happens in the next chapter of her character’s storyline.” |EOnline|