Lingering Questions About Balloon Boy

10.22.09 Cajun Boy

balloon boy never forget

One week ago today in the early afternoon I remember thinking to myself, “Gee, this sure is a slow news day.” And then Balloon Boy happened. Now, I’m as sick as anyone is of the Heene family at this point, but I do have questions in my mind about this whole charade that continue to nag the shit out of me.

The question most bothering at this point is this one: Was Balloon Boy drugged? Think about it…the kid was confined silently to a tight space in a hot attic for six hours or so. What 6 year-old kid you know is able to stay in one place that long? Didn’t he ever have to pee? Every kid has to pee every half-hour or so! I think that balloon boy was given something to knock him the fuck out, but maybe that’s just me.

Also, in regards to the possible drugging of Balloon Boy…I heard Chuck Klosterman say in an interview that he thinks Balloon Boy may have been drugged prior to going on the morning shows the day after the incident so that he’d throw up on the air, a dastardly diversionary tactic Klosterman thinks Richard Heene cooked up to change the subject from “Was this a hoax?” to “Oh look at that poor kid blowing chunks!” during the interviews.

Finally, I just have this gut feeling that the media in Fort Collins and local authorities may have aided Heene is pulling off the hoax. I don’t really have anything to base it on, but it does seem like the news choppers were in the air awfully quick and that the local police did everything they could not to make any arrests in the case. Something’s just rotten in Colorado.

And that’s all…just felt the need to get that off my chest. Never forget Balloon Boy.

Pic via Best Roof Talk Ever