Velvet Underground founder Lou Reed may be a legendary New York City rocker person, but that doesn’t mean the old Greenwich Village icon doesn’t have an affinity for the tranquil beauty only found in the sticks. Thus, he’s been taking photos in rural/remote locations since he and Andy Warhol were buddies in the 1960s, and a book of Reed’s nature photography, his third such, titled Romanticism is now out.

About how he shoots, Reed said:

“I have a Leica medium format – just the body cost $24,000. I have been waiting around for the M9. I love this camera. I love it that they are digital. I love the Alpa, they’re quite the little company, you should check out their website. I use it with a Schneider lens. And the medium format Hasselblad, and they went into Fuji lenses. Why are some lenses so much better than others? What is it about the way they polish glass?” It’s difficult to get him off the subject. “I’m not an obsessive,” he says. “It’s just like guitars.”

Personally, I’m just shocked Lou Reed is still alive, much less taking pretty pictures.