Clooney sez Nespresso Coffee To Die For

11.09.09 Copyranter

clooney George Clooney’s been the European spokes-face for Nestlé’s Nespresso brand espresso since 2006. Then, in a spot needlessly directed by Michel Gondry, Clooney melted the camera with his overwhelming sexuality. Now, in a new commercial by McCann Paris, John Malkovich joins George on the easy Euro gravy train by donning the stereotypical white suit to play God. The tired premise is: Clooney is killed by a falling piano as he walks out of a Nespresso store. Malkovich will give him another chance if he gives up his Nepresso. Because of the crashing piano shot, I guess, action director Robert Rodriguez was highly overpaid (I’m sure) to lens this wince-inducing yawner. Still, it’s not as embarrassing as what Jackie Chan did last summer for a Russian software company. Watch it below.

|Video: adme.ru|