Seven people are dead and at least twenty more wounded by gunfire after a gunman, or possibly gunmen, believed to be holed up in a building opened fire on unsuspecting soldiers and civilians at Ft. Hood, the largest military base in the world situated about 60 miles northeast of Austin, Texas. SWAT teams have captured one shooter and are currently swarming the area searching for other suspected shooter(s). Click through for updates as we get them as well as live streaming video coverage from MSNBC.

UPDATE 4:51PM: MSNBC is reporting that 9 are now confirmed dead with up to 30 injured and that the first suspect captured is an Army Major with an “Arabic-sounding name.”

UPDATE 4:55PM: According to the U.S. military, two suspects have been captured and one has been killed. All are/were soldiers. 12 are now confirmed dead.

UPDATE 6:20PM: CNN reports that the shooter killed today, Major Malik Nadal Hasan, is a doctor who specialized in “mental health services.”

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