Many Dumb Palin Zealots Buy Dumb Palin Book

10.01.09 Cajun Boy

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Sarah Palin, America’s conservative clown princess sent by Jesus to save us all from Obama and his army of negroes and Godless fags, has a big book full of folksy Wasilla wisdom coming out soon. It went on sale yesterday and America’s wingnuts responded by snapping it up like they do corn nuts friend cheese curds at the Wisconsin state fair.

Reports Reuters:

Sarah Palin’s upcoming memoir is already the top bestselling book on the shopping sites of Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, a month and a half before the book goes on sale.

The memoir from last year’s Republican vice-presidential candidate, titled “Going Rogue: An American Life,” is scheduled for release on November 17, four months after the book deal was announced and much earlier than planned.

The memoir, which became available for pre-order this week, has been in Amazon.com’s top 100 for three days, and just replaced the latest novel from “Da Vinci Code” author Dan Brown at the top of the list.

Poor Dan Brown. How will he ever survive being knocked off the bestseller list by “blithering idiot” who “can’t even describe what she reads?”