With the economy in shambles and retail sales hitting an all time low, it was only a matter of time before fashion mogul Marc Ecko would have to start laying off staff—design people included according to one of our industry sources. But with those cuts come consequences, just ask illustrator Hannah Stouffer. She noticed some similarities between the designs she did and Ecko’s Cut and Sew line. But instead of firing off a cease and desist letter, she took to the internets with this meager attempt at snark:

Dear Mister Marc Ecko-

Why you gotta go and ruin my brunch? ! I was havin g a delightful time with my eggs benedict when I seen some stupid jock roll up wearing *my* shirt – oh wait, thats not mine! ! Awesome! ! If you’ re gonna bite, please try harder. This shit just looks wack, you’ re making yourself look bad. And I draw better too. . . .

Hannah Stouffer

Wait they’re almost identical, is that a rant of self critique Ms. Stouffer?