marc_locked Have you ever heard of Marc Tobias? If not, read up, this guy is the kind of pain in the ass you’ll come to love. He’s a professional lock picker, author, and rabble rousing consultant that causes a lot of headaches for various entities dealing in security and is specifically a thorn in the side of Medeco. They’re the American lock maker that provides hardware for everyone from Stuy Town to the White House and other sensitive facilities like embassies and even the Pentagon. The company’s more secure locks are supposed to be able to withstand a minimum of ten minutes worth of tinkering to achieve a “high security” designation which they often plug as a selling point.

One problem though, Tobias can “bump” their locks in a few seconds. Oops. Medeco, fearing a PR fiasco of Kryptonite proportions (and probably a loss of government contracts), is still refusing to acknowledge the faulty designs, although they do like to show news clips that supposedly support their “virtually bump-proof” guarantee. So for fun, Tobias decided to show Wired magazine just how easy it was to defeat the “high security” locks in the video below and why “Mr. Medeco” wouldn’t even thik about taking him to the court—he has a 12-year-old secret weapon (5:03 mark).