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Oh hey did you hear about the couple who crashed the White House State dinner the other night?

Yes, at a time when threats to the president are so great that the Secret Service barely has the manpower to adequately protect him, Michaele and Tareq Salahi crashed the most exclusive party in the world without being on the guest list. WTF?!

The Secret Service is, of course, trying to downplay all of this, saying shit like, “Oh, it’s no big deal…they had to pass through the magnometer just like everyone else.” Yeah, well, that’s just great assholes…you have two crazy people in the same room as the president and vice-president of the United States, not to mention the prime minister of India and a bunch of other pretty important people, and you say it’s no big deal because they couldn’t have possibly carried a gun in. But what if one of them had grabbed a steak knife and plunged it into someone’s heart, or smuggled in anthrax to sprinkle it into the air, or dropped some sort of poison in someone’s tea, like Russian spies are famous for doing? Even consider any of these possibilities? What next…will the Secret Service allow Obama to motorcade through Dallas in a fucking convertible?

All of this begs the question…how the hell did these people get in without being on the list? What sort of effete, incompetent jerkoffs are running the door at these D.C. social functions? Perhaps the Secret Service needs to hire a Manhattan nightclub doorman like Wass Stevens to run their guest list and work the door. Yeah, dude can be an asshole, as evidenced in the video below, but he doesn’t take any shit from anybody and he doesn’t let people inside who don’t fucking belong.