You know what…the Brits are assholes! There, I said it. First they raided our shores wearing stupid red coats and tried to kill us all for being “revolutionary” and refusing to suck the prissy loins of their inbred bunch of “royal” overlords, then they basically told Roger Sterling to go fuck himself on Mad Men Sunday night, and now some dude from the BBC is saying that we humans should just let the totes adorable pandas go extinct because they exist in an “evolutionary cul-de-sac.”

So some BBC “presenter,” whatever the hell that is, named Chris Packham (Doesn’t that just sound like a British Twatzi?!) says that we should just let the pandas die like assholes:

Pandas are my frequent whipping boy. Here is a species that, of its own accord, has gone down an evolutionary cul-de-sac. It’s not a strong species. Unfortunately, it’s big and cute and a symbol of the World Wide Fund for Nature and we pour millions of pounds into panda conservation. I reckon we should pull the plug. Let them go, with a degree of dignity.

What Chris Packham fails to realize, or perhaps is just choosing to ignore, is that, as pointed out by the World Wide Fund for Nature, the panda is under threat of extinction because of human encroachment into their habitat as well as rampant fur poaching. What the fuck does he want them to do…pack up and leave the ecosystem, or “cul-de-sac,” that they’ve existed in for thousands of years, maybe move to Iowa and feed on the cornfields instead of bamboo? What an asshole. May he one day be eaten alive by some sort of man-eating predator.