Meet the Hipster Grifter: ANIMAL Spends the Night With Kari Ferrell

05.01.09 Bucky Turco

A weird photo shoot with a wanted felon? A video confessional? Sure, why not?

Kari Ferrell claims she never ripped anyone off while she’s been in New York. All the “bad stuff” was back in Salt Lake City. She also claims the New York Observer never contacted her for their piece even though, obviously, she’s easy to find. She seems to be reveling in her new found notoriety but is torn between expanding the myth — for a book, a Lifetime movie or even taking up Joanna Angel on her offer to pose nude. But she also wants to return to her “normal” life. If she goes that route, though, that means she’ll have to head back to Utah to face those messy legal matters. Of course, her version of the story is less apocryphal. She knows she made some mistakes and is trying to make things right. But until then? Fun with samurai swords and the Art Of Grifting! UPDATE: Kari Ferrell surrenders in Philadelphia.

Photos by Will Sherman/ANIMALnewyork.com
Clothes by Married to the Mob