David_Letterman_Show_andrea_peyser New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser hates everything, but there’s nothing she hates more than someone getting laid. If people fucking makes news in any possible way, you can bet your last dollar that Peyser will plop her cobweb-laden vagina down into a dusty desk chair in front of an Underwood typewriter to voice her scornful opinion on it. To Peyser, every woman having sex with someone other than a husband is a golddigging whore, and every man having sex with someone other than a wife is a horny, compulsive neanderthal. To that end, I’ve been waiting with giddy excitement for the Post to publish her take on the “depraved” David Letterman boning some of his female staffers. They finally did today, and Peyser didn’t disappoint.

Here’s what America’s favorite menopausal shrew had to say:

If the Tiffany Network continues to coddle the crotchety king of late night, it will rightly be known as the destination of choice for any girl who jiggles, giggles and puts out repeatedly for a man old enough to be her father.

Dave must go. If not, CBS will have lost any remaining shred of credibility, not to mention common decency.

This is a full-grown adult who made a grown-up choice. And he chose to sleep with junior staffers rather than take the standard route and walk to the corner bar to conduct a sad, ordinary affair. Instead, he’s working out some twisted Freudian issues on dewy-eyed underlings.

Letterman is guilty of cheating on the woman he eventually married after a 20-year relationship and trashing the trust of their 6-year-old son, Harry. This was not one little slip-up, but a deviant pattern. And when Letterman got lazy, egotistical and sloppy, he became a ticking time bomb — a walking, breathing, sexual-harassment lawsuit waiting to happen.

Now, in defense of Letterman, let’s get some things straight. First, by all published accounts, he wasn’t married at the time of the flings, so how having romantic relationships with staffers constitutes having an “affair” and “cheating” on Regina Lasko is anyone’s guess. Besides, how do we know Lasko wasn’t okay with Dave getting some on the side, or if they were even “together” during the times he was involved with other women? I’m willing to concede that maybe Letterman didn’t make the wisest of moves by getting involved with people who work under him, but what people forget is that Letterman’s not exactly a guy who can, as Peyser suggests, just walk into any random bar and pick up any ole piece of ass. He’s one of the more famous people in the world and to do such things would be a hundred times more personally reckless than getting involved with an employee who he’s developed a trusting relationship with over time. And by all accounts I’ve heard and read, the Late Show is an extremely woman-friendly workplace.

Look, people fuck, especially people who spend lots of time around each other, we’re all wired to do so in order for our species to survive. Get the hell over it.