Does a Photoshopped bloody fist-heart exploding from the chest, alien-like, of a contemplative female art appreciator make you want visit a museum, specifically the Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art in Mexico City? Me, no. But then, I find pretty much all modern art highly suspect. However, if this gory image was part of an actual series of hyper-realistic exploding organ human sculptures (or a special sanguinary wing of the Bodies Exhibition), well I might check them out. But, trying to create “art” ads to promote art is usually specious. Unfortunately, too many ad art directors think they’re artists (Warhol), just like too many ad copywriters think they’re writers (they’re not). Poster Boy, who got invited to remix MoMA’s posters, could have some fun with these. Jump for the second ad featuring an overhead cutaway view of a man’s bloody brain full of little bloody hands


|Images: adsoftheworld|