MI6 Comes Under Laser Attack By Branding Terrorists

08.20.09 Copyranter

1_red_bull_fake_laser Back in late May, Red Bull Cola was banned in parts of Germany because it contains about 0.13 micrograms of cocaine per can—enough Bolivian marching powder to… do absolutely nothing to you. Taiwan and Hong Kong also flagged their supplies for containing bits of coca leaves. Red Bull, of course, was hoping for this negative publicity. Unfortunately for them, the hubbub didn’t create the huge market interest they were anticipating. Next step in the effort to make their cola the choice of bad boys and girls? Hire British graffiti artists Agents of Change to laser bomb the MI6 building in London. After ID’ing themselves as from Red Bull, the laser taggers mixed some branding statements with questions such as “is 007 in there?” While it’s a fairly funny stunt, it’s an idea hijacked from the Graffiti Research Lab and it probably won’t sell much of the subversive cola. Jump for the video of the security-breaching attack.

|Video: Ypsilon2|