Surely you, in a recent time of quiet reflection, came to the sad realization that your life will never be complete until you attain an action figure in the likeness of the most blatantly retarded American congressional representative to ever defile the halls of Congress, Michele Bachmann. Well fret no more Sparky!

Luckily for you the heros at Herobuilders have made that Bachmann action figure you’ve waiting for, so, for a mere $34.95, now you’ll no longer be shamed by not owning a doll resembling the woman who makes Sarah Palin look positively MENSA. Now you can play house with your Bachmann figure spouting nonsense about census takers coming to sodomize your children, while the Joe Wilson figure screams “You lie!” at the Obama Joker figure, over and over and over again. You’re welcome! |Hero Builders|