On Sunday, CNN’s former technology reporter, Miles O’Brien, spoke to a group of 100 space enthused Twitterers—myself included—at the Kennedy Space Center as part of a two-day gathering hosted by NASA in anticipation of today’s launch of the space shuttle Atlantis. The self-described “Recovering Correspondent” discussed the dying role that his former employer and the mainstream media is playing in covering events like the space shuttle launch and basically said that they just send the news trucks in case things blow up or what he affectionately called “Deathwatch journalism.”

He also described how CNN’s interest in space and science began. It apparently was AT&T’s idea, not Ted Turner’s. Watch him speak the truth while shamelessly plugging his new venture, spaceflightnow.com, in the video below.

Photo/Video: Bucky Turco/ANIMALnewyork