Missing The Hipster Grifter: Her Former Cellmate Speaks

jerzy_mitchell_THG Kari Ferrell’s former cellmate, Jerzy Mitchell, is officially breathing fresh air again and no longer making mascara from pencil shavings and toothpaste. She was released from jail on October 22nd and although she’s enjoying her freedom, the 22-year-old from Salt Lake City is also missing her prison partner. What’s to miss you ask? Mitchell writes:

Kari has now bumped her status up to the best California ‘Speed’ player on this Earth. Also Kari could WITHOUT FAIL, even without looking make ANYTHING in our garbage can EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is no joke… She is really living up the Korean Abdul Jabaar nickname. Sometime I would wake up in the middle of the night and Kari would be standing on the table naked saying “this is the C train transfer to the Q…” or some other subway jargon. Didn’t make much sense to me considering I am from SL,UT. There was a phase where Kari spoke in a British accent for 4 whole days… All the new girls actually believed she was from England.She did do a drawing for me but it wasn’t finished when I left (it was quite unexpected) so she has to mail it for me. She actually wrote a song for me too- but that isn’t finished either… I don’t know how to function with out her… I will just have to watch some Asian porn to get me by till she is out!