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04.27.09 Copyranter

More downright disturbing ambient advertising from Down Under. The Australian Childhood Foundation, via ad agency JWT Melbourne, placed these suffocated child mannequin pieces in high foot-traffic areas around the city to raise awareness for neglected young ones. After an undisclosed period, the fake kids were torn loose (or stolen by pedophiles?), revealing the message “Thank you for seeing me.” No! Thank you ACF, for giving countless Melbourne parents horrific nightmares about their children being asphyxiated. The posters were signed off with the url stopchildabusenow.com.au, where you can view a creepy TV spot of monster parents ironically thanking you for doing nothing. Maybe shocking social issues need such shocking ads to force people into action. But maybe these street installations—that look a lot like the work artist Mark Jenkins does—gave Mr. and Mrs. Abuser ideas for their next torture session. Click any image above to engage the gallery of abuse. |Images: osocio|