Mobster Outs Himself In Court as the Real Life Vito Spatafore

10.20.09 Cajun Boy

vito spatafore Whoa! Well here’s a new twist on the seemingly endless mobster trials that take place here in New York: convicted mob hitman Robert Mormando renounced his blood oath to La Casa Nostra and then proceeded to out himself in court yesterday as a lover of dong!

Judge Jack Weinstein, who said that he’s asked many mobsters to renounce their blood oath to the crime family, said it’s the first time such a thing has ever happened in his court. Mormando was being sentenced for attempted to carry out a Gotti-ordered hit on a Queens bagel store owner, who was wounded by gunfire but not killed. Mormando, who was sentenced yesterday to time already served, became a government informant shortly thereafter.

Defense lawyer Nancy Ennis told the judge Mormando was given the contract a month after he was inducted into the crime family in 2002.

“He was summoned to perform an act that he found totally unacceptable afterward,” Ennis said.

“He did follow through, but he found the incident to be so disagreeable shortly after that he started having strong thoughts about leaving the mob.

“He was living in hiding, not from law enforcement, but from La Cosa Nostra.”

Ennis’ biggest bombshell was announcing that Mormando is out of the closet.

“He has been openly gay since he left the mob,” Ennis said.

Mormando’s partner has refused to enter the witness protection program, but they have relocated and together they “live a peaceful working life,” she said.

Obviously, Mormando’s partner is a short-order cook who specializes in Johnny Cakes and the two live in a New Hampshire bed and breakfast. Duh.