In Style Wars, the 1983 landmark graffiti documentary (2:15 mark), CAP MPC says, “I’m not a graffiti writer, I’m a graffiti bomber.” In the film and in real life, he positioned himself as a graffiti villain indiscriminately painting over the paintings and pieces of other writers. Now, over twenty years after his name became synonymous with crossing out and starting graffiti beef, CAP is being disowned by the Bronx-based crew he repped all these years. Morris Park Crew dedicates their latest newsletter to denouncing CAP: “We never did and still don’t approve, admire, or respect, but oppose what CAP did and what he stood for.” The 8-page attack on the “jealous toy” continues:

It’s sad that under his assumed direction, MPC became known as nothing but a disrespectful bombing crew intent on destroying other writer’s work to gain fame, because they themselves, like CAP, had no artistic talent.

…In MPC, CAP was considered a talentless writer, though an ambitious one. By evidence of his “art” work in 2009, he hasn’t progressed any in 30 years….This fact implicated him—which many have suspected all along—with the real reason he went over people: he was a toy who wanted fame but couldn’t burn writers like BLADE, COMET, KELL, SKEME, DONDI, MIN and a host of others to achieve it—not because he was taking his boys’ back, as he claimed.

In fact, MPC had no serious beef with any writers or crews before CAP started indiscriminately going over people.

Photos via zomboider and by Ewok 5MH