mtaMTA employees are apparently not taking any extra precautions after the suspension of a LIRR engineer accused of letting a passenger drive. A subway motorwoman and conductor, have been put on unpaid leave following reports they let a child commandeer the passenger-packed train. Investigators are trying to determine whether the boy spotted inside the subway cab of an uptown 4 train was actually operating the controls. On Sunday, Jules Cattie, a 41-year-old lawyer, heard the train operator saying, “It’s green, speed up…Yellow, slow down.”

He assumed she was directing a rookie driver until a young boy emerged from the cabin to announce a delay. Disturbed in light of last month’s killer subway crash in Washington, Cattie snapped a photo of the pre-teen at the helm, which could lead to the motorwoman’s firing whether or not she let her co-workers kid at the controls. |NYDN|

Photo by Jules Cattie via NYDN