Naked Wizard’s MySpace Reveal: He Likes To Play With Fire

Details continue emerging about last weekend’s violent takedown of the Naked Wizard at Coachella music festival, like his real name, Johnathan Felch. Newspapers report that of the three cops who dragged the 23-year-old into custody, the officer who tasered Felch repeatedly is from the Banning Police Department. The two Indio police officers were the ones who couldn’t get handcuffs on the Naked Wizard while they pinned him to the ground. And although it’s not acknowledged in reports, those two were also the ones who gave Felch a brutal knee drop in his chest, just before they let go of him to jump up and be tasered over and over again.

We also learned that the Naked Wizard is a performer, who wants “to sleep in the mushrooms and eat the sun” and loves to play with fire. Click through the gallery above for more photos of the Wizard, clothed for Boy Scouts, headshots, a 90s rave scene on the tv show Journeyman, as well as firedancing, which we’ve included a video of below.