New Casino Campaign Is More Ron Ick

06.17.09 Copyranter

So, you’re a luxury Las Vegas casino trying to scrape up business during an economic collapse. Earlier this year, the President poo-pooed your shallow sinful city. Now, your normal clientele are foregoing tacky displays of excess and staying home. Even the douchebags are confused. What the hell to do? Get real lee stew ped (click ads to view)! The Monte Carlo resort and casino just launched a new phonetic print campaign with the tagline “Unpretentious Luxury.” The goal, according to the press notes is to open up “a whole new world where extravagance is accessible to all and where everyone can feel rich.” Hello and welcome, complete fucking idiots! While this is absolutely the worst travel/tourism campaign I’ve ever seen, strategically, it might just work: a fool and his money are soon parted? Stupid people=stupider gamblers? |Images: bestadsonTV|