After backing out of plans to display his mildly controversial painting of President Obama wearing a crown of thorns, artist Michael D’Antuono is back to make his political point without any potentially contentious symbols. Titled “…What I Meant Was…” the new painting is a dulled down response to the blasphemy-crying critics that caused D’Antuono to cave in and withdraw his artwork.

Unfortunately, too many people were unable to see beyond the religious symbolism of the first painting to be able to appreciate the political statement I was trying to make.

The new painting portrays President Obama standing before a press corp wearing glasses colored by their political views. With this latest work, D’Antuono hopes to encourage people “to look at the issues objectively and to start to think for” themselves, a heavy-handed point that’s still overshadowed by the media whoring artist’s spineless retraction of “The Truth” in the face of criticism.