Nissan Bravely Mocks Blenders & Vacuums

07.21.09 Copyranter

Let’s see: what other motorized devices is a Nissan vehicle badder-ass than? Golf carts? An electric toothbrush? The Roomba? Yes, there is a REASON no one dreams of their first fucking vacuum cleaner. That’s because—stay with me here—vacuum cleaners fucking suck because they are used to fucking clean, and cleaning fucking sucks. Am I warm, TBWA Toronto (the creators of this absolutely mind-boggling Canadian campaign)? And what’s with the fucking annoying line break on the bus ad? At least a bus is something else besides a Nissan that is driven on roads. Yep. if I was in the market for a sports car, I’d definitely chose a Nissan over a fucking bus. |Images: AdsOfTheWorld|