Hey remember the other day when Lou Dobbs claimed that some dirty Mexicans managed to put down their chalupas and Meximelts, rustled up some fancy firearms and then proceeded to shoot up his house, because that’s what dirty Mexicans do, obviously. During his little radio tirade, during which Lou of course came to logical conclusion that it just had to be people pissed at his efforts to end illegal immigration who did it, Dobbs claimed that he’d reported the incident to the “very supportive” New Jersey state police. Well now those same New Jersey state police are telling a different story, that Dobbs’ house was likely sprayed by random gunfire from people hunting in the area, a relatively common occurrence:

In a phone interview conducted yesterday, Sgt. Stephen Jones, a NJ State Police spokesperson, chuckled out loud after he heard about Dobbs’ account of the gunfire incident. Jones commented that he “wouldn’t classify it [the gunfire incident] as very unusual.” He also confirmed that there are hunters in the area, and stated that, “at this time of year hunter [shooting] complaints go up.”

He observed that in the ongoing police investigation sparked by Dobbs’ complaint, “nothing has been determined [regarding] what the intended target for this bullet was.” Nor did Jones confirm whether the shots near Dobbs’ house appeared to be an accident or intentional.

Another New Jersey State Police spokesperson, Sgt. Julian Castellanos, noted that “it’s a wide open area and there are hunters in the area.” Castellanos explained that the bullet had hit the house in vicinity of the attic; it “hit the vinyl siding and fell to the ground” without penetrating the vinyl, he said.

When asked to comment for this story, Dobbs disputed the New Jersey State Police’s account, saying in an email that “there was no hunting season underway three weeks ago.” However, an official at the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife Bureau of Law Enforcement confirmed in a phone interview that state hunting seasons were underway at the time of the gunfire incident three weeks ago.

Asked what he thought of Dobbs’ version of the gunfire incident, Sgt. Jones stated, “I’m really going to leave Lou Dobbs’ assessment to himself.”

Verdict: Lou Dobbs is full of shit, ever more so than he ever was before.