Two months after printing a final issue and moving completely online, Missbehave is heading the way of its brother publication Mass Appeal and going entirely out of business. Publisher Samantha Moeller publicly announced the news on her personal Hipster Mom blog, saying she was disbanding the quarterly cool girl magazine to focus on mothering her son and second baby on the way.

Befitting the switch to an all-digital format, Missbehave’s staff discovered news of their unemployment online. “Paid staff by mass email. Unpaid staff I believe her blog or twitter,” their former sex columnist, Baby Sinead, emailed us. Without any notice on Missbehave’s actual website and their bloggers locked out, Moeller’s mommy blog has filled up with a range of comments regarding the publication’s death. The angriest remarks are back and forth between the publisher and Baby Sinead regarding her six months of unpaid freelance blogging for the sickly mag. With its lowbrow content catering to Midwestern b-girls and streetwear teeny-boppers, the suicide of Missbehave’s all-digital format won’t be mourned for long.