climbing-nyt-311Last week, the New York Times’ Fort Greene blog blew the cover off a “secret underground climbing gym” by publishing, then deleting the story, ensuring maximum exposure. Now, according to commenters, the “bizarre hybrid of subterranean climbing gym and hippie speakeasy” has been shut down. An ex-climber from the once covert space confirms, via email, that “the gym was closed due to this story. It is uncertain when or if it will ever be open again,” making Jed Lipinski the most hated man in Brooklyn. Well, to these people below at least.


“Just found out the gym has been closed indefinitely. Thanks a lot Mr. Lipinski.” |+|

“You are undeniably the worlds greatest douchbag. Instead of paying respect to a place that has remained a secret for 20 years, you have insulted the owners and patrons by comparing them to “geckos” and “endearing fellows that just like to drink beer and look at pretty girls.” |+|

“You betrayed a trust that was given to you, so that means you are on your way to becoming yet another self-centered reporter.. because this world is short on that.” |+|