Times_Square_van For the past few days, the media has been droning on and on about how vigilant the NYPD is for the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations in Times Square. They relentlessly describe all the security protocols that are in place, including snipers, radiation detection equipment, and plainclothes officers roaming the crowd.
And yet, New York’s Finest didn’t even notice a “sinister-looking van”—as the Post describes it—that was illegally parked, WITHOUT PLATES, sporting a fake police placard, for two days, in the heart of Times Square! Keep in mind, out of all the neighborhoods in the entire city, parking in Times Square is probably the most difficult. Way to end the year (and decade) with a colossal security failure guys. However, if this in anyway encourages more people to avoid the hell on earth that is Times Square tonight, well, pat yourselves on the back, job well done there. |NYP|

Photo by Jeff German