NYPD Harasses More Law-Abiding Photographers

11.09.09 Will Sherman

nypd-photo-1 nypd-photo-2

In spite of a department-wide order to stop harassing photographers, the NYPD continues to do so, detaining a pair in Brooklyn last week. Photographer Steve Kelley reports that he and shooting partner Chetan.S were stopped in Brooklyn Heights for snapping a photo of a so-called “sensitive subject”: the street-side door of a MTA subway vent, images of which are not only perfectly legal, but also widely available online.

Six cops showed up to the non-crime scene. After violating department directives against looking through people’s photos, police took the photo-taking pair in for questioning before releasing them hours later. Furthering the case that police need more education on the legality of public photography, over the weekend, Kelley’s camera was seized by a cop incorrectly citing the law.

Photos by Steve Kelley