Obama Endorses UK Tyre Chain

07.30.09 Copyranter

obama_tyre “We must ask for change…tyre change.” In less than a year, we’ve seen on-the-sly Bam Branding for French mustard, Russian ice cream, and an Israeli language school. London’s Financial Times even scored a legal endorsement from the President. Now, those sneaky, cheeky bastards at DDB London just created a humorous Plunderphonics mashup of Barack Obama speeches for Kwik Fit, a British chain of 570 automotive and tyre centres. Taking advantage of the fact that Obama mentioned the importance of tires in one of his energy speeches, the agency put together a short video they’re hoping goes mega-viral before White House lawyers take the air out of it. They even pieced together a clear “quick fit” sound bite. Video magic after the jump.

|Video: Brand Republic|