3206329234_6a2f2e5e58.jpgWith news that designer Shepard Fairey basically stole the now iconic HOPE image he created for Barack Obama’s preidential campaign and never credited the photographer, it’s probably fitting that it continues to manifest as new work. Joining a long line of creatives, Indian artist Kishore adapted the illustration and created this Letterpress version using “MrsEaves, Bickam Script Pro, Adobe Garamond and the Trajan font families.” The 14 x 20 inch print is inscribed with the “Yes, We Can” slogan as well as the president’s full legal name: “Barack Hussein Obama.” It also looks a lot like the typographic illustration style perfected by the Graffiti Research Lab’s Evan Roth, who recently employed it for Jay-Z’s “Brooklyn We Go Hard” video. |Obama Art Report|