Tonight Barack Obama continues his seemingly never-ending health care reform whirlwind media tour with an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. The interview was taped at the Ed Sullivan theater about an hour ago and will air tonight at 11:35 Eastern time, but CBS has posted some of the interview onto YouTube.

In the clip below, Letterman asks Obama about the seemingly maniacal opposition to his presidency by some factions of the right wing, specifically if he believes that some of his critics may be motivated by racism. Answering that question, Obama takes the high road and brushes off the notion that people might actually hate him for being black, noting that he was black when America went to the polls in November and he still managed to win the majority of the vote in the election.

With all of that said, if this is the most interesting clip from tonight’s interview (Obama was Letterman’s only scheduled guest.), then I’m guessing that the whole thing is a bit boring, but I’ll still be watching anyway.