Remember last year when there was some talk that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg might be Obama’s choice to be his running mate? Well, so much for all that, because Obama just told Bloomberg to kiss his ass, basically.

Reports Crain’s:

President Barack Obama endorsed City Comptroller William Thompson for mayor Friday, providing a major boost for the Democrat’s campaign against billionaire incumbent Michael Bloomberg. The president’s endorsement had been in doubt because Mr. Thompson is an underdog in the race and White House political operatives were hesitant to risk Mr. Obama’s prestige on a candidate who could be overwhelmed on Election Day.

But a poll this week reported that Mr. Thompson trails by just 8 percentage points, 51% to 43%, after having been down by 16 points in another pollster’s survey in late September. The challenger’s increased viability, combined with a New York Times article questioning why the president had yet to endorse him, apparently moved the White House to act.

I have to admit…this is almost more shocking to me than the whole Nobel Prize thing.