Official Bird Food Of The Island Of Dr. Moreau.

06.05.09 Copyranter


Like E sang, I like birds. Even the mouthy-ass sparrow who wakes me every morning at fucking 5:04 am. I also like dogs. Dogs like birds. Birds, understandably, don’t like dogs. Not understandable at all, is this insane campaign via DDB Istanbul for Witte Molen bird food. I initially thought the strategy was to try to get dog owners to buy birds, and then buy some of their bird food. But the copy reads: “Our newly enriched formula with millet branch. So delicious, you may see new signs of loyalty.” So, no, they’re targeting current bird owners. Or, actually, they’re insulting current bird owners by insinuating that birds are inferior pets. What I do know, is this: today’s lazy art directors need to stop relying on Photoshop Animal Abuse! FYI: crafty starlings can very accurately mimic crying babies, meowing cats, and barking dogs. |Images: adofdamonth|