poster_wallThe Associated Press reports good news for Jessica Alba: victims of her Oklahoma City street art shark attack don’t want to see her prosecuted although the Oklahoma City police are continuing to investigate. The Lost Ogle is continuing their own investigation, revealing new photos of the Idle Hands actress in poster plastering action, allegedly shot with her own camera. The local blog also finds new evidence to suggest the shark loving street artist “White Mike” is photographer Michael Muller:

According to an Ogle mole who was staying at a swanky downtown hotel last week, Muller, Alba and Casey Affleck arrived at the hotel lobby around 2:00am on June 2nd. The source claims that it appeared that the trio had been drinking and that they even “flashed a couple miniature liquor bottles.” Shortly after arriving, Alba and Muller left the hotel. The next day, scary great white shark posters appeared in various spots throughout downtown.

Photo of Jessica Alba gluing up a White Mike poster in Oklahoma City via The Lost Ogle