stewart_mccain Hey remember John McCain? The bumbling old prick who was so desperate to be president that he hitched his wagon to Trixie Klondyke, Alaskan Warrior Princess? Well he’s back, and he’s here to save the internet from the government! Or so he says. Yes, the man who claimed during the campaign that he’d never sent a single email in his life is suddenly VERY interested in the internet, so interested that he’s proposed a bill called “The Internet Freedom Act,” a piece of legislation that would, interestingly, do the opposite of what its title claims it would do. It’s sort of calling a bill designed to give tax breaks to ass-rapists for each act of ass-rape they commit, the “Freedom from Ass-Rape” bill.

Yes, McCain’s bill would actually give the telecommunications companies lots of new powers over what you and I consume over the internet. Why would he do such a thing and why would a man who has clearly demonstrated in the past that he’s a complete buffoon when it comes to internet technology suddenly feel inspired to “protect” it? Oh maybe it has something to do with the fact that McCain has taken in more campaign contributions from telecommunications companies that any politician in America? Mmmm…could be.

Anyway, for his efforts, McCain got the Daily Show treatment last night.

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