Old People Respectfully Represented By Wrinkly Billboards

10.20.09 Copyranter

October 1st was International Older Persons Day. So, in an effort to remind younger Scots that pensioners are people too, the Scottish government erected these depressing posters in Glasgow, Edinburgh and other cities. Maybe it’s just me (being closer to 65 then 18), but combining the url SeeThePersonNotTheAge with showing only wrinkles (“the age”) kinda deflates the advertising. It harshly reminds me that older people (including, increasingly, my own face in the mirror) are something I’d rather not look at. But they saved a lot money on photography and retouching! Jump for a video from the campaign where a 30-year-old Scottish actress let herself be made-up to be 70ish, accomplishing…nothing but depressing the fuck out of the woman.

|Images: BestAdsOnTV|