While many media outlets will likely focus on how Olympic gold champion Michael Phelps’ bong smoking scandal will affect his million dollar endorsements or his eligibility for the 2012 Games, here at ANIMAL, we’re more concerned about the relevant minutia, such as the high end bong he was caught smoking. Turns out that the aquatic, gold medal accumulator was puffing a ROOR in a photograph published by UK tabloid News of the World. The German made, thick tubed, award winning water pipe features frosted glass diffusers instead of the more standardized rubber grommets and retails for between $120-150.

Judging from the photo, it looks like the bong is from their ‘Red’ series that come in 3.2 mm thickness and range from 13-17 inches, except this one was custom emblazoned—for an additional charge—with a “V”. For victory perhaps? We’ll see, even after a public apology, Phelps stands to lose out big time for acting like a 23-year-old.