Onward Yes Men Soldiers!

fix_the_world_yes_menThe Yes Men need your help New Yorkers and they need it now. Despite all the media attention the activist-filmmaker duo and their conspirators were able to generate during last week’s fake newspaper and Survivaball stunts, they can’t ‘fix the world‘ if you don’t attend the screening of their film. Their marketing budget is a little low, but they have another method for compensation: fake issues of the New York Times:

If you’re in New York or have friends who are, come wear the world’s stupidest costume (http://survivaball.com/) and hand out coupons for a free fake New York Times with each ticket. We really need people to do this, because a lot of people don’t know our film is showing (not much money for advertising). To volunteer, please write wearaball@theyesmen.org. We need you starting today!