Orangina’s Heckling Hyena-Hussy Hybrid

05.13.09 Copyranter

To advertise their light drink in Europe, Orangina brings their super-sexualized ani-animals out of the wild and into civilization with these two new spots. First, an ass-shaking blonde breaks a heel and falls flat on her hot fanny in front of the blue jean-wearing Miss Hyena and her two friends. Table-slapping shreiks ensue. Good thing blondie didn’t confront the cackling carnivore as Hyenas are known for their extremely strong flesh-rending bite. Jump for the second spot, featuring a horny, ass-sniffing, rollerblading, bikini-clad giraffe-girl. Campaign is by Paris agency Fred & Farid (FFL), who’re responsible for the most terribly pretentious jeans campaign I’ve ever seen. |Videos: Adme.ru|