Oversharing British Sailing Couple Caught By Pirates

10.27.09 Bucky Turco

LYNN_RIVAL_2 Somali pirates took responsibility for the hijacking of a British couple who were on a sailing tour in the Indian Ocean reports ITN. Paul and Rachel Chandler were reportedly on their way to Tanzania from the soon to be drone patrolled Seychelles when the “sea criminals” commandeered their 38-foot sailboat, the Lynn Rival. They often posted photos and details of their travels on this blog and the last entry eerily reads: “PLEASE RING SARAH.

An online map also shows their last known position.

A family member described them as experienced travelers who were well aware about the danger of pirates:

“They are not naive. They are very experienced in these things. They are not the sort of people who would put themselves deliberately in danger.”

Although, moving forward, they might want to think twice about offering up their exact locations. I mean, even Twitter and Facebook has locked profiles.