Iron Man GQWhen he’s not getting grifted by fugitives from Salt Lake City, artist and self proclaimed “Southern gentlemen” Cory Bradley is painting. Hailing from North Caolina but firmly transplanted in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn for the past few years, he’s sold paintings ranging in price from $800 – $4,000 “depending on the price and size.” He says the tanking economy has definitely had an effect on art sales and explains the major difference between selling work down south and here in NYC, it mainly has to do with hype:

So, down south i feel like any of the work that I’ve sold has been for a reason far more pure. The works that i sold were purchased because they felt like they couldn’t live without having that painting in their clutches. Whether it was the craftsmanship, meaning, magnitude of the painting or the point exhibited, the purchaser felt like they had to have it and was willing to pay me what i asked for it.

On the flip side in NYC I feel that people buy shit because its the “cool” thing to do. If they have the money to buy “hip” shit, then that’s their ticket to becoming just that. This stems everywhere from clothes to artwork. I’ve also seen people in NYC primarily show interest in work just because there’s a buzz. They want to have what everyone may be raving about, not necessarily because its good, because they can get a piece of what the current rave is, or get an investment buy before the artist career really takes flight. SHIT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE GOOD to be sold in New York City is really what I’m saying…

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