brooklyn bridge

One of the more fascinating documentaries you could ever watch is The Bridge, a film that delved into trying to figure out what drove a group of people to jump off of the Golden Gate bridge over period of a year.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of that film was that one man, distraught over a series of personal and professional setbacks, attempted to kill himself by jumping off the bridge but survived. After his failed suicide attempt, his life turned around…he fell in love, found a great job, etc. You almost can’t help but wonder if the same thing might happen with the girl who tried to commit suicide by jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge over the weekend but survived the dive and the time she spent in the icy waters.

Reports the Daily News:

A suicidal Manhattan woman, clad only in her pajamas, survived a 120-foot plunge from the Brooklyn Bridge into the icy East River early Saturday.

A pair of NYPD divers found the woman conscious and treading water near the Manhattan shoreline after her leap from the world-renowned span around 7 a.m., police said.

“If she went hypothermic and couldn’t keep herself afloat, she would have died,” said Detective Michael Cocchi, one of the rescuers.

The 22-year-old jumper was spotted on the bridge walkway in her pajamas by passersby who called police just before sunrise.

Hopefully, this young lady’s second chance will result in her finding some inner peace and happiness.

Image via PSF137’s Flickr