Smack in the middle of Paris Fashion Week, PETA has launched a new “Stolen For Fashion” anti-fur video, featuring the voices of Pink as an aggrieved alligator and Ricky Gervais as a bloody bunny. While we at ANIMAL have blasted the organization for their idiotic, sexist, and utterly tasteless promo stunts in the past, We do share PETA’s passion for defending wildlife (here, it’s advertising-related). And, sorry PETA, but this spot is an egregious case of animal abuse—the computer creatures are unacceptably boring. The premise is predictable, and the script is flat flat flat. It’s begging to be much wittier, especially the ending. If you’re gonna make the effort to get such voice talent, you gotta do something more memorable! Anyway, here’s pics of Pink and Stella McCartney launching the video yesterday in Paris.