300_PETA_KKK.pngThe Westminster dog show concludes this evening at the Garden, where a successor to the fabulous beagle Uno will be crowned. Fresh off the pile of publicity they got for their “rejected” veggie porn Super Bowl spot, PETA has designed this crude, borderline illiterate flier attacking the pure-bred ways of the American Kennel Club. PETA says operatives dressed as KKKers are handing out the pamphlets at the show (I say, produce the photographic evidence that this claim isn’t pure dogshit.). UPDATE: well shit my pants, they’re doing it! The front copy reads: “Are you wondering why an “exclusive club” like the KKK takes time out from shopping for more white sheets and telling ourselves (uh, I think you mean “themselves”), “White makes right,” to support the AKC? It’s simple: we’ve (uh, you mean “they’ve?”) got something in common!” Click here to continue reading the back of this terribly-written flier. Suggestion, PETA: take some of your PR budget and hire a fucking editor who has at least a junior high school level grasp of grammar. For the record, I agree with their pet adoption stance.